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European Union under the 7th Framework Programme

Decision Support System

One of the aims of the PRISMS project was to develop a decision support system (DSS) based upon the multidisciplinary research conducted within the project. This system would provide an alternate model to the supposed trade-off between privacy and security, and would support decision makers in taking privacy and data protection concerns seriously within the context of security decision making, and would help to minimise the impacts upon the privacy of individuals and groups.

The PRISMS DSS has now been completed and is available to download. The PRISMS DSS is a document-based process. The DSS consists of guidance documentation and a number of templates which guide a user through the structured process for the evaluation and assessment of alternative security measures. An Excel version of the DSS is also available, which contains the templates, questions and provides some additional support to the user.

The DSS may be of particular interest to security decision makers who are faced with the responsibility of responding to a perceived security threat and who are considering appropriate security measures in response. Using the DSS allows for careful consideration of the privacy impacts of potential measures, and a way of comparing alternative measures to identify the least privacy invasive. It also provides guidance on mitigating privacy impacts from preferred measures. Because of this, it reduces the risk of security measures causing negative privacy impacts, along with the accompanying risk of reputation damage and backlash. Using this approach is part of demonstrating a serious and considered approach to these key contemporary issues.

Further information on the PRISMS DSS approach, as well as support in putting it into use can be found by contacting the PRISMS team